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About Us

About Us

Into your skin, you rub a Pearl

Clean Attractive Natural Astonishing

100% Water
soluble Pearl Powder is used for All of the Products of Cana

The Pearl has been known to be a source of beauty for
its superior whitening and moisturizing effects from 20 kinds of minerals,
amino acid, calcium, and various bioactive substances for a long time.
Also, Pearl Powder has been used as a material of quality cosmetics for several
thousand years which noblewoman like Cleopatra of Egypt
, Yang Guilei of China, and Empress Myongsung of Korea loved use.
The Pearl Skincare containing this fine pearl powder makes the skin tone bright with whitening,
moisturizing and nourishing effects.

The effect of Conchiolin : antioxidant / anti- allergic / moisture / PH control / cell revitalization

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